Let’s Do Good/ Let’s start Helping

each one does what he can. You can do nothing for yourself,but perhaps you can do something for another” – Ernest Hemingway

Watch this video and decide yourself that what you want to do. It’s in Hindi so after watching video you can read my blog to know the problem.

He is suffering from SMA Type 1 . Which is very rare. Due to which this child is not able to hold his head, can’t sit, can’t eat. Please Do better for Best.


He is suffering from SMA disease. Which can only be cure by American medicine . It will take 16 crore Indian rupees. From all of your little contribution . This child can get cure.

Let’s come the world together. Donate a very small amount of your income. And get blessings from his mother.

This is the first time I am watching that any Bollywood film star come forward for this type of initiation. I would like to thank Ritesh Deshmukh for this intitave. Hope we can help her chil with donating a little amount of money. You can watch the video and get the link from there.

Hope that this will bring some happiness in your life. God krishna say when you do something good then it will return to you in good form. please share this as much as you can . If you are not able to help then please forward this message.

I have never said you to share or like my any blog, but I am requesting to forward this message.

Thanks you

Thanks Guys

Published by Lucky Saxena

I am lucky saxena. Post Graduate student. Trying to fill some enthusiasm in everyone and provide UGC NET PGT TGT English literature Free Notes to everyone who can not reach to money oriented website or coaching. Try to spread kindness, knowledge and love through my blog.

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