Can boyfriend ask her girlfriend that is she virgin?

I am not virgin

Today people’s are living in live in relationship and that is good thing to know your partner before getting married. But sometimes things not go well like girl and boy come in casual relationship,they get attracted with eachother and fell in love . They start doing sex because they are deeply in love. After few months or years they get breakup because things gone not well . Any type of problem can come to gir or boy maybe they fight each other very much now , may be boy beats the girls ,abuse the girl and same thing can happen with boy too..may be he aso get bad things from his girlfriend and they both get separated. This is good for any relationship that if you are not comfortable then leave eachother after trying many attempt to solve it.

My question is that , now girl and boy both are not virgin and they move ahead in life . After some time girl got a new boy in which she see good person, gentleman and everything which she was searching. Now she came into relationship. Is that good for boy to ask a girl that do you had boyfriend or did you done sex with him?

Please comment me it’s answer.

Because after knowing that girl is not virgin or she had a boyfriend before him . Present boyfriend starts abusing her, blaming her , accusing her, beating her for not virgin and for having a boy friend before him ( trust me this happen in India a lot and 60% girls in India don’t tell there husband or boyfriend that they had any past or Boyfriend before them because it uncounciously hurts man ego and he starts blaming, slapping, dominating her , infact some time they get devorce after knowing the fact of her past)

But things are not same for boys, and they confidently say that yes he had a girl friend before marriage or present girl friend. And girls can do nothing. In India men move forward by saying that ” you know it’s our tradition,it’s india , no one can accept it,” ladko ka chalta h” means” boy can have girlfriend and they can do sex, no one will mind” . And guys I am talking about educated man . Man who are holding graduate degree,MBA degre, B.tec degree etc, they ask this type of questions to there wife or gf after having sex with many girls they don’t want there wife ” not virgin girl” . They ask question at there first night or second or third after marriage.

Society will change when we will change ourselves. Bring changes in society Man . Rise your voice for girls. Stand up for them .

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