In India Girls always say only ” yes” or “no”. Terms and conditions allowed.

India is a big democratic country , it has traditional values, cultures ,6 religion,5000 god and goddess. India is call as a “mother“. But Here 80 percent girls are not allowed to speak,fight for their rights, raise their voice in their house or society,cannot argue with men in there house’s, not allowed to chose or live their life’s as they want.

Their are many things I would like to share with you about girls in India.

  • They are not allowed to raise their voice at there house. Their younger brother and elder brother can shout ,abuse, fight, beat, can do whatever they want but girls are not allowed to do so.
  • They have not freedom to do education as much as possible. Thet are restricted to do study till graduation ,or post graduation.
  • Girls in india have to do House hold work from there childhood with studies while boys can play while studies. But girls have to do only two things either they do House chores or studies . Not allowed to play outside.
  • Girls in India can only learn singing, dancing, sweeping, making food, talking, stitching, but they are not allowed to walk outside,not allowed to play outside there door, not allowed to play with there brother’s.
  • Girls in India not allowed to talk to there father , brother , grand father etc.
  • In India they are not allowed to choose there husband’s. Their marriage are fixed on the basis boys income, father in law property, etc.
  • In India Girls after marriage cannot go there mother’s house without asking her husband or her father in law.
  • They don’t have freedom to say “no” for sex to her husband. If she denies or if she is not in mood , instead that her husband can sex with her and she is not allowed to object.
  • Girls are not allowed to argue with their husband at any cost. Their Husband decisions whatever good or bad, right or wrong ,they have to agree on it .
  • Boys or men rule over their wife, sister, mother like object . They can be thrown from there house at any time . Girls live, walk,speak, laugh, take medicine, everything according to men mood.

Above points are applied on 80 percent girls in India. These things you can’t see because they are like wind . You can feel it but can not show it. One girl forced these things on other girls , one woman forced these things on other women and they are bound to do so by generation. And if these things you will put in front of them they will say “ hawww how bad this girl is, how dirty her thoughts, how she misbehave, these things definately taught her by her mother, she is rebellious,she can’t be anyone’s wife, she is prostitute, she is worth less , she is bla bla bla”

20 percent girls in India who are free to do what they want ,free to speak,love, take decision ,they definately are Shilpa Shetty, Malika Arura, Saina Nehwal, Sania Mirza, they become engineer , doctor, pilot etc.

Girls I know , that we have to be patience, good , understanding, must be calm in every situation, Must be humble in our nature, must be sweet but this doesn’t mean that we cannot speak. Rise up Girls.

Published by Lucky Saxena

I am lucky saxena. Post Graduate student. Trying to fill some enthusiasm in everyone and provide UGC NET PGT TGT English literature Free Notes to everyone who can not reach to money oriented website or coaching. Try to spread kindness, knowledge and love through my blog.

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