Friends Day Out : Friends knows no boundaries in friendship.

Friends bring smile 
Smile bring positiveness
Positiveness bring confidence
Confidence bring attitude
Attitude bring smart work
Smart work bring success
Success bring happiness

All these steps go through one simple step that is friendship. Friends is our strong pillar , they take our side , take out our good side out of bad side . They never left us, it’s your destiny sometimes and sometimes your nature that your friends never left you . They see a bright star,light from a darkness inside you. True friends just not come out in a day, it takes efforts, respect, trust ,love, understanding, from both side . They not judge you because of your colour, height,poor, rich, disease, attitude,bad habits or good habbits. They never abandon your side.

When you fall they will laugh on you but pick you. They through you as a bait but put you out like pro. Do bad stuffs with you as well as good, they became rich ,busy in there life but they never forget you. Our half life is just a gift of God and rest is gift of Friends. Praise your friends, see there little effort if they are making or of they are not making but still they are along with you, by your side, sitting your side. Kiss them , hug them ,tell them may be in future we will not meet, may be we get separated ,may be we will loose our paths, may be I get mad and you get rich ,may be you became Bill Gates, and I became a chef…may be…bla bla bla… but I will always be your friend. No body can change that fact.

A person in your life from whom you can share everything in your life . Never to be late to make friends. It has no age boundaries, no caste, religion, country can bound it. Friendship has a wing it can fly you hight or low with you. You have chose your friend carefully. It’s like finding Diamond in a volcano πŸŒ‹ . But it’s up to you too… That how much you want to go with him or her.


Friendship doesn’t mean expect sacrifice from other,it doesn’t mean to insult in public, it doesn’t mean go bad ways with them. It all about you, it’s all about who you chose to go everywhere in the world, it’s about loving to a strange person who respects your feelings. Your best friend can be your wife, brother,mother,father, garand father,grand mother,a stranger,pen pal, cousin, office staff, worker, shop men or any one who doesn’t expect things from you.

Hey guys share with me your friendship experience . Lets comments about your friendship story. And I will post your story at my blog . Let’s give the world new hope,new story of friendship, struggle and love . Show the world positivity of friendship. Send me your pics with your friends, create a story ,pick a date, story of your friendship . Share it with me.

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Published by Lucky Saxena

I am lucky saxena. Post Graduate student. Trying to fill some enthusiasm in everyone and provide UGC NET PGT TGT English literature Free Notes to everyone who can not reach to money oriented website or coaching. Try to spread kindness, knowledge and love through my blog.

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