Lord Hanuman: Kill your Demon,murder your Fear.

Prayagraj lord Hanuman

Faith has won it! Fear has lost it! When you get full of faith, the devil gets filled with fear! Keep your faith in light every day and you will keep the devil in fright always!
Israelmore Ayivor,

Hanuman God of Power

Whenever I feel sad, disappointed and depressed , I go to Temple of Lord Hanuman. It’s is saying that Lord Hanuman is the son of wind and he has blessings of God Shankar . In India everyone knows about lord Hanuman so I will not talk so much in his praise.

My intention is to give message to all of you that just believe in God . That is the only place where you will get positivity,a lots of positivity, courage,strenght,new life and a lot of power to fight from your devil’s. You are not alone who are doing wrong thing or with whom things are going wrong. There are millions of people who is sitting like you in front of god in temple,church, masjid etc, and they are praying. If you feel depress or unmotivated, just read two or three pages of Holy Bible, or Holy Geeta or Holy Kuran, and learn from it that what God is trying to say you. Take it in a positive way not in a negative way and you will get strength for your whole day.

Day out, Lord Hanuman

First knowledge is the knowledge of God.
Lailah Gifty Akita,


God is great because no one else could create the planet we live in. All living beings dwell in the same Earth which God created. Whether they believe in Him or not.
Gift Gugu Mona


I am not praising or advertising any god but I would like to say you that read some quotes from Geeta and you will get inspired. Read some quotes in following:

You are what you believe in. You become that which you believe you can become
Bhagavad Gita

Bhagvad Gita

Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is
Bhagavad Gita


One who sees inaction in action, and action in inaction, is intelligent among men.
Bhagavad Gita

Bhagvad Gita
Prayagraj Hanuman

Don’t think that nothing bad can happen with you , it’s a normal process in everyone’s life and you must go through this. If there is light then there is dark also, if there is sun then there is moon too for night, there is birth and death . There is opposite of everything. Same as it when sadness come in your life then happiness will also come in your life. There is nothing worth living.

Krishna says: “Arjuna, I am the taste of pure water and the radiance of the sun and moon. I am the sacred word and the sound heard in air, and the courage of human beings. I am the sweet fragrance in the earth and the radiance of fire; I am the life in every creature and the striving of the spiritual aspirant
Bhagavad Gita


Through selfless service, you will always be fruitful and find the fulfillment of your desires
Bhagavad Gita

Make your own rules in your life and must follow it. Universe is following the rule so therefore you must follow rules. Become example for other .

The spirit is beyond destruction. No one can bring an end to spirit which is everlasting.
Bhagavad Gita, Bhagavad Gita

Inspirational Quotes

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