Allahabad University/ Ewing Christan college Notes on various Topics On English literature

English Literature Free Notes and PDFs

Get English Literature notes , PDFs and materials for your graduation and post graduation topics . You will get every things here in pdf form . Download these PDFs . Take a Deep breath and dive into these topics , for your better prepration and good result.

English Literature syllabus of allahabad university and Ewing Christan college are similar . Topics , writers,plays,drama all are same .

Motivation Quote

Career from English Literature

English Literature is a very good subject to choose for your graduation . It need your little foucus, intrest and passion only. Reading novels,plays,Dramas will enhance your personality,mind,and growth. It’s important to focus and consistent in your subject from first year of your graduation , it will help you to cract NET/JRF exam in first attempt after your post graduation. But consistency and intrest in your subject is more important. Don’t skip any novel,plays , history of English literature,drama ,poetry etc while doing your graduation and post graduation . And you can easily become a professor just after 5 years.

It’s important to choose your subject wisely, in which you have interest and go through that subject all the time, whenever you are eating, playing, enjoying , just keep it in mind while your early period of learning. Keep intrest in it and don’t get divert by other obstacles as people say…” Vo kar leta to acha hota…..” Bla bla bla…. Don’t foucus on it. Because when after five year , your will become professor , those people will give examples of you …” See him/ her …he makes his decision and sticked on it … Now results are clear” . Self motivate yourself Always , by reading books , quatations,novels, and most importantly ” be with the people who are in this field and who has intrest in this subject, walk around those society and people who are in this field , talk to them about your subject, about novel, about any topic or ask th which book to read , make a group and find people and be with them to encourage yourself and for keep focusing. All the Best Students.

Download pdf of English Literature Notes for BA, MA, Graduation and post graduation. Download Free English literature books and PDFs from these telegram sites . Free Sites for English literature Notes PDF.

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