Nissim Ezekiel (1924-2004) Important PGT TGT Points on Nissiem Ezzikiel

Nissiem Ezzikiel Quotes

PGT TGT NET English literature Free Notes and PDFs on Nissiem Ezzikiel

  • Nissim Ezekiel was a Jewish Indian poet actor, playwright, editor and art-critic. His family migrated to India from Israel.
  • He was a fundamental figure in post-colonial India’s literary history specially for Indian writing in
    English .
  • He got Sahitya Akademy Award in 1983 for his poetry collection Letter-Day Psalms.
  • Ezekiel belonged to Mumbai’s Marathi speaking Jewish community known as ‘Bene Israel’.
  • Ezekiel’s first book “The Bad Day” appeared in 1925.
  • He published another volume of poem The Deadly Man in 1960.
  • He co-founded the literary monthly Jumpo in 1961.
  • He became art critic of The Names of India (1964-66) and edited Poetry India (1966-67).
  • The Exact Name, his fifth book of poetry was published in 1965.
  • In 1969, his “The Damn Plays” published.
  • He translated the poetry of Jawaharlal Nehru from English to Marathi in 1976 in collaboration with Vrinda Nabar and co-edited a fiction and poetry anthology.
  • His poem” The Night of the Scorpion” is used as Study material in Indian and Colombian schools.
  • He was honoured with Padma Sri award in 1988.
  • He addressed the “Questions of time” in his poetry.

Important Works

  • Enterprise (It is similar to TS Eliot’s Journey of Magi)
  • Time to Change (1952)
  • Sixty Nine Poems (1953)
  • The Discovery of India (1956)
  • The Third (1959)
  • The Unfinished Man (1960)
  • The Exact Name (1965); It contains 20 Poems.
  • Hymns In Darkness
  • The Patriot
  • Letter Day Psalms
  • How the English Lesson Ended
  • The Railway Clerk
  • Goodbye Party for Miss Pushpa T.S

Plays By Ezekiel

  • Nalini : A Comedy in Three Acts
  • Marriage Poem : A One Act Tragic Comedy.
  • Sleep Walkers: An Indo-American Farce

Famous lines by Nissiem Ezzikiel

I do not want the yogi’s concentration,

I do not want the perfect charity

Of saints nor the tyrant’s endless power.

I want a human balance humanly

Acquired, fruitful in the common hour.

This, Elizabeth, is my creation,

Stated in the terms of poetry,

I offer it to you in dedication.


Nissiem Ezzikiel Quotes, concentration, meditation

She lies, the female image

On the lonely pillow, in the single room,

Incessantly reborn, rolling the senses

Down through several circles to the solid ice;

And empty palaces of fancy rise for her,

This harlot of a dream.

Nissiem Ezzikiel famous lines

Myself examined frightens me.

It is no accident I am what I am.

I saw the image being formed,

I saw it carnal in the arms of love

(Crushed, compromised and consummated).

I saw it making vows

With hidden weakness in the bone,

Unstable at nightfall and at noon.

“What Frightens Me,” from The Third

Nissiem Ezzikiel
Concentration, meditation, inspirational Quotes

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