111 Terms and their Inventors in Literature

Important Points for PGT TGT NET 2021 Exam: Exam Points. 111 Terms and their Inventors in Literature 1. Art for Art’s Sake by Victor Cousin 2. Dissociation of Sensibility by T.S.Eliot 3. Willing to Suspension of Disbelief by Coleridge 4. Negative Capability by John Keats5. American Renaissance by F.O Matthiessen 6. Natyashastra by Bharata 7.Continue reading “111 Terms and their Inventors in Literature”

How to Earn money? Please give attention.

Hey guys I want to earn money through blogging. I am Ankita saxena . I am UGC Net Aspirant . I want to do B.ed(bachelor in education) but due to some financial problems, I am not able to do it. I am really good at studying. I am post graduate topper of my college EwingContinue reading “How to Earn money? Please give attention.”

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