William Faulkner

Geoffrey Chaucer : Starting of English literature . Father of English poetry.

Important points for English literature Exam on Geoffrey Chaucer. Geoffrey Chaucer (c. 1340-1400) Father of English poetry First poet of national importanceGenius recognized in all ages including his own His career is divided into three phases:French period , Middle period, Italian period, or French period, Italian period, English period Patron—John of Gaunt Wrote in EastContinue reading “Geoffrey Chaucer : Starting of English literature . Father of English poetry.”

Elizabethan Theatre: Beginnings Important Time Period or Time Line of Elizabethan Age and Points

Elizabethan Theatre: Beginnings Early 16th c. travelling actors.Considered vagabonds and thievesLater, a licenses were given to nobles for maintaining actorsThus, acting troupes came into being. Acting Troupes :Played in the courtyards of taverns (called Inn-yards). Temporary stage erected Permanent Theatres. The 1st permanent theatre was James Burbage’s ‘The Theatre’ Theatre Timeline 1564: On April 23Continue reading “Elizabethan Theatre: Beginnings Important Time Period or Time Line of Elizabethan Age and Points”

Works of William Shakespeare . Free Notes and Litchart PDFs on william Shakespeare works.

Important points on william Shakespeare works and free pdf notes. UGC NET PGT English TGT English literature Notes. Early comedies of Shakespeare Love’s Labour’s Lost (printed 1598) No major source.Has elements of comedy of manners Themes Pretensions are deflated.Love conquers all. Unrealistic atmosphere of games and festive play. At the end, characters achieve maturity inContinue reading “Works of William Shakespeare . Free Notes and Litchart PDFs on william Shakespeare works.”

Comedies of Shakespeare

Important Facts about Shakespeare’s work . Notes for UGC NET PGT TGT English literature Free Notes and PDFs Comedies of Shakespeare A Midsummer Night’s Dream (printed in 1600) Four main plotsEgeus wants his daughter Hermia to marry Demetrius, but she is in love with Lysander, and Hermia’s friend Helena loves DemetriusDuke Theseus is about toContinue reading “Comedies of Shakespeare”

111 Terms and their Inventors in Literature

Important Points for PGT TGT NET 2021 Exam: Exam Points. 111 Terms and their Inventors in Literature 1. Art for Art’s Sake by Victor Cousin 2. Dissociation of Sensibility by T.S.Eliot 3. Willing to Suspension of Disbelief by Coleridge 4. Negative Capability by John Keats5. American Renaissance by F.O Matthiessen 6. Natyashastra by Bharata 7.Continue reading “111 Terms and their Inventors in Literature”

Shakespeare’s Famous Lines / Quotes

50 Of Shakespeare’s Most Famous Quotes/Lines for PGT TGT NET JRF English Literature Exam 1. ‘To be, or not to be: that is the question’(Hamlet Act 3, Scene 1) 2. ‘All the world ‘s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; And one man inContinue reading “Shakespeare’s Famous Lines / Quotes”

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