Nissim Ezekiel (1924-2004) Important PGT TGT Points on Nissiem Ezzikiel

PGT TGT NET English literature Free Notes and PDFs on Nissiem Ezzikiel Nissim Ezekiel was a Jewish Indian poet actor, playwright, editor and art-critic. His family migrated to India from Israel. He was a fundamental figure in post-colonial India’s literary history specially for Indian writing in English . He got Sahitya Akademy Award in 1983Continue reading “Nissim Ezekiel (1924-2004) Important PGT TGT Points on Nissiem Ezzikiel”

Kamla Das (1934 – 2009) PGT TGT NET Important points On Kamla Das .

Kamla Surayya also known by her one time pen name Madhuikutty and Kamala Das, was an Indian . English poet, and a leading Malyalam author from Kerala. “An Introduction” is a poem by Das which has famous line – “I am an Indian very brown, born in Malabar, I speak three languages, write in twoContinue reading “Kamla Das
(1934 – 2009) PGT TGT NET Important points On Kamla Das .”

Feed Your Brain with Good Quotes / Inspirational Quotes

The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it’s indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it’s indifference. Elie Wiesel Inspirational Quotes I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination isContinue reading “Feed Your Brain with Good Quotes / Inspirational Quotes”

Plato : Art is twice moved from Reality.

Real name of Plato was Aristocle that means broad shouldered.Plato was the first critic of poetry. He wrote dramatic dialogues rather than didactic volumes . In total he wrote 36 dialogues(genuine ones). According to Plato’s Theory of Mimesis (Imitation), the arts deal with illusion and they are imitation of an imitation, hence they are twiceContinue reading “Plato : Art is twice moved from Reality.”

The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer . I want to know you

It doesn’t interest mewhat you do for a living.I want to knowwhat you ache forand if you dare to dreamof meeting your heart’s longing.It doesn’t interest mehow old you are.I want to knowif you will risklooking like a foolfor lovefor your dreamfor the adventure of being alive.It doesn’t interest mewhat planets aresquaring your moon…I wantContinue reading “The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer . I want to know you”

Post Modernism : 20th century/ New world/ Learn the concept of Literature

Post Modernism  Post-modernism is a 20th century movement in the arts, architecture and criticism and the departure from modernism. Post modernism is characterised by mistrust of grand narrative and prioritises little narratives.  Post modernism includes sceptical interpretations of Culture, Literature, Art, Philosophy, History, Economics, Architecture, Fiction and Literary Criticism.  The term PostContinue reading “Post Modernism : 20th century/ New world/ Learn the concept of Literature”

Disconnect The Connection I tota l agree with her post. Don’t follow the path on which stones are every where, they will only hurt you and sometimes can take your life happiness, struggle, positive vibes and everything. I became fan of of Anna Styles vlog. Thanks Anne for inspiration.

Lullaby: For Lover.W. H. Auden

Lay your sleeping head, my love,Human on my faithless arm;Time and fevers burn awayIndividual beauty fromThoughtful children, and the graveProves the child ephemeral:But in my arms till break of dayLet the living creature lie,Mortal, guilty, but to meThe entirely beautiful. Soul and body have no bounds:To lovers as they lie uponHer tolerant enchanted slopeIn theirContinue reading “Lullaby: For Lover.W. H. Auden”

Give me wings

Dreams give me wingsFly among the BirdsDeep along the FishUp high the mountainsDown Earth with the antsWander the world with travellers.Pray with priestGo beyond the sky and meet thee(God),take his permission and return back to earthNe there is no place like My Home. come Back to me.By- Lucky Saxena

Get on Girllsss

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