In India Girls always say only ” yes” or “no”. Terms and conditions allowed.

India is a big democratic country , it has traditional values, cultures ,6 religion,5000 god and goddess. India is call as a “mother“. But Here 80 percent girls are not allowed to speak,fight for their rights, raise their voice in their house or society,cannot argue with men in there house’s, not allowed to chose orContinue reading “In India Girls always say only ” yes” or “no”. Terms and conditions allowed.”

How to Earn money? Please give attention.

Hey guys I want to earn money through blogging. I am Ankita saxena . I am UGC Net Aspirant . I want to do B.ed(bachelor in education) but due to some financial problems, I am not able to do it. I am really good at studying. I am post graduate topper of my college EwingContinue reading “How to Earn money? Please give attention.”

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